Mallorca Nature Excursion

There’s more to Mallorca than Beach!

Mallorca Nature Excursion.

Outlining the best Mallorca natural parks and countryside for you to enjoy on your Mallorca Nature Excursion.
Find out where to escape to tranquillity in natural surroundings, whether you are travelling solo or with the family.
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Cap de Pinar
Mondrago Natural Park

A long stretch of beach and an ecological network spanning 3700 acres

THE ONLY DESIGNATED NATIONAL PARK IN MALLORCA (involves a boat trip to get there):
Cabrera National Park for turtle and dolphin spotting

S’Albefera Wetlands suitable for all ages

Butterfly sanctuary and rescue animals
small zoo

zip wires bathing pools and falconry

country estate set in natural grounds

serra de Tramuntana
serra de llevant

Mallorca Parks and Nature Reserves

A Mallorca Nature Excursion could involve a park, a nature reserve, mountainous region or country estate. Visitor centres often feature here where you can learn about Mallorca’s ecological systems and about land evolution over the centuries.

Mallorca Nature Excursions from North to West

So starting North from the top of Mallorca and ending up West, here are the best of Mallorca’s Nature Trips!

Cap de Pinar

Although ‘Cap’ de Pinar refers to the tip of Alcudia finger it really encompasses the whole of the finger (talia d’Alcudia). Also known as ‘La Peninsula de la Victoria’, this area makes a great Mallorca nature excursion for picnics, walks and cycle rides. Some parts are military zones and out of bounds to the public but the accessible areas have the wow factor in terms of natural beauty.

Cap de Pinar Landscape
cap de pinar on map
some of this area is military zone out of bounds to us but the rest of it-wow!

You can explore pine woods and walk along narrow cliff paths with terrific sea views. Alcanada golf club sits on the south side of the finger and there’s also an ancient nun’s hermitage (Emita de Victoria).

Getting There

Cap de Pinar is easily accessible from Alcudia Old Town. The old town is a far as the bus will take you.
The Tourist information office will have maps to point you in the right direction.
You can pass through the Mal Pas-Bon Aire region of Alcudia to access the Cap de Pinar nature reserve.

Directions if on foot

In Alcudia old town, stand with your back to Alcudia market (on the same side of the road as the market). Now turn right and follow the main road up until you come to Carrer de Xara, a turn off on the same side. Turn right and head down it to the very end. Keep going straight into Av.del Mal pas and follow this too to the very end. You are now well on your way to the nature reserve ‘Cap de Pinar’.

Car Park

There is also the option of parking at the Ermita de Victoria car park to start your walk.
This Hermitage is well sign posted.

Where to Stay in Alcudia

In the old town there is a hotel called Hotel Can Simo. It is easy to access Mal Pas-Bon Aire from here (your gateway to Cap De Pinar nature reserve). Otherwise you can stay on the south side of the Alcudia Finger in the Alcanada region. There are several private villas for hire in Alcanada and a handful of hotels and apartments.

Alcanada as a base

If you choose Alcanada as your base, there is a cliff walk around the golf course. From the South side of the golf course, head East to North. You will end up back into the woods on the northern side of the Peninsula. Then follow the tarmac road back down to Alcudia. Alcudia Port sits at the foot of the hill up to Alcanada.
Allow at least 3 hours for this round trip nature walk.
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S’Albufera Wetlands

S’Albufera wetlandsis the largest wetland area in the Balearic islands. It was declared a natural parc in 1988 and the earliest Balearic area to be naturally protected.

Park Landscape
s'albufera wetlands nature reserve
s’Albufera nature reserve spans over 1500 hectares

Formerly a lagoon, it is now more than 1500 hectares of mainly wet grassland but also dunes and marsh.
This nature reserve occupies two municipalities of Mallorca: Sa Pobla and Muro.
Changing sea levels over the years have affected it’s overall surface area.
A network of ecosystems and waterways makes this area the most eco diverse of all Mallorca’s nature reserves.

torrent supplying wetlands

S’Albufera Vegetation and Wildlife

S’Albufera wetlands and the dunes that lie between it and the ocean provides protection to many species. These in turn provide food to others. The dunes are protected by forests of pine, white poplar, tamarisk and elm trees. Sand walking paths take you to the beach of Playa de Muro.
There is plenty of nature to see and hear on this Mallorca Nature Excursion.
Iberian Marsh Frogs and over 300 bird and fish species reside here including lazy carp. Some of the birds live here all year round and others visit.
Because the high reeds can sometimes impede your views, use the viewing platforms and look out tower.
From here you can also see cattle, white flamingos.

Ecosystem Homeostasis

These wetlands rely on strictly controlled water and saline levels to maintain homeostasis for dependent food chains.
Rainfall from the northern mountains and from the nearby central plain of Mallorca is the water supply source.
The local waters of ‘Canal d’en Ferragut’ and nearby Alcudia Bay play their part in water supply and control.
Important floodgates, dykes and underground aquifiers and torrents all play a part in maintaining the consistency of water levels.
Chemical composition of the water is closely monitored each month.
There needs to be a finely tuned amounts of freshwater and relatively small amounts of saltwater. This is in order to preserve correct chemical harmony for the S’Albufera wetlands natural inhabitants.

See a more detailed biological account of S’Albufera Wetlands

Who would enjoy this Mallorca nature Excursion

The S’Albufera wetlands is suitable for school trips, biology field trips, photographers and any nature and bird lovers.

Getting There and Accessibility

The entrance is on the Ma12, the main road that stretches from Can Picafort to Alcudia. This road runs parallel to Playa de Muro main sands.
Buses 351 and 352 stop by the entrance all year round. These buses serve Can Picafort, Playa de Muro and Alcudia resorts.

Need to Knows

Please be aware you have to walk over 1 kilometre from the entrance gate before you reach the visitor centre.
At the visitor centre you can get maps of S’Albufera park and use the toilets there. There is a vending machine but no café. Take your own snacks and water and mosquito spray if you are prone to bites.

Option to Cycle round the Park

You can cycle round the park at a pedestrian pace. You can’t hire bikes within the park but you can along the main playa de Muro road. The shop is a little way along going towards Alcudia. Please remember many bike businesses open 9.00-13.00 and 17.00-19.00.
Whether on a bike or on foot you have to keep noise to a minimum and be respectful of the natural wildlife inhabitants!


Summer is not the best season to visit S’Albufera wetlands if you want you hear and see the most wildlife. Spring and Autumn are much better with the movement of migrating birds.

high reed s'Albufera wetlands

Car Park and Opening Times

Entrance is free and there is free parking next to the entrance.
Visit Trip Advisor to read reviews of s’Albufera Mallorca natural park

Where to Stay

There are several places you can stay and have easy access to this Mallorca nature Excursion.
Suitable hotels for families or adults are just a few hundred metres away on the opposite side of the road.
5 star Grupotel Parc Natura and Spa, Playa de Muro is one such hotel. If you want something more budget friendly, try Hotel Playa Esperanza. Using website you can get a week in October 2019 for two adults half board for £700.00
The Valentin Playa de Muro Bungelows are ideal for School Trips. Adults will love Gruphotel natura Park
Really any accommodation in the Alcudia, playa de Muro, or Can Picafort offers easy access.
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Parc Naturel de Peninsula de Llevant

A natural Park on the Peninsula of the Serra de Llevant mountain range.
This region of mountains and countryside begins 5 kilometres north of Arta. The vast area ends it’s reign at Cap Ferrutx.

mountains protecting mallorca natural park
serra de llevant mountains protecting la Peninsula Llevant Mallorca natural park. Cap Ferrutx sticking out north-East at top
Serra de Llevant Mountain Landscape

The Countryside is dominated by the wind sculpted limestone mountain range of Serra de Llevant. It is a mix of forest and scrubland consisting of woods of holm oaks, Aleppo pines and fan palms. Springs, streams and caves pop up here and there.
Throughout the Park there are olive, almond, fig and carob groves. Mauritanian grass covers vast expanses of the Park.
Flora includes Balearic St. John’s wort (Hypericum balearicum) and the local cat thyme species (Teucrium marum subsp. occidentale)

Reasons to visit Parc naturel de La Peninsula de Levant

It’s one of the only areas of Mallorca where you can camp.
The camping area is by S’Arenalet beach. You can camp either at the camp site or at a refuge but YOU MUST BOOK IN ADVANCE. Telephone: 00 34 971177652 (Monday to Friday 10am to 2pm
To get to S’Arenalet beach and camping area, park at S’Alquera Vella de Baix car park. The walk is on the map there which shows over 10 hiking options.

Birds and Marine Biology

The natural areas of Cap de Ferrutx and Cap Freu within the park are both special protection areas. Rare species of birds, fish and algae make this nature reserve a designated Balearic area of special interest.
The area will appeal to you if you are interested in marine biology.
Read more about the marine biology background of natural Parl La Peninsula Llevant

Things to do

Bird spotting, mountain biking and various levels of hikes are all possible at Parc natural de Llevant. Snorkel at the nearby natural beaches in this area.
Trip Advisor reviews are very good for this Mallorca nature excursion.

beach of llevant nature park
Just one of the beautiful beaches in the area of serra de llevant nature park
Wildlife and Animals at Serra de Llevant Natural Park

The area’s endemic animals include snails, the cave-dwelling false scorpion and the Balearic warbler.
You can also find the Hermann’s tortoise, the Algerian hedgehog, the pine marten and the Balearic green toad.
Several species of birds also nest here.

Getting to The Llevant natural Park

Take the Ma3333 road north of Arta towards the hermitage called Ermita de Betlem. Turn right at km. 4.7 and follow signs for S’Alqueria Vella (the walkers car park). Go beyond the metal gate to find this car park.


The office is advertised as open between 9am and 3pm. Most of the trail maps are in Catalan/Spanish and
according to Trip Advisor Reviews it isn’t always open during these. For these reasons, plan your your own itinerary before you go and take your route map with you. Also no refreshments are available at any time so take lots of water and snacks too!

Choice of Car Parks

Alternatively, if you follow signs for S’Arenal et des Verger (the main car park) there is a board that displays
A board displays 9 different hiking trails depending how far and how energetic you are feeling.

Accommodation close to Peninsula de Llevant Natural Parc

As this Mallorca nature excursion is within 5 kilometres north of Arta it makes sense to stay here. There are many private villas for hire here. Otherwise Can Picafort is not too far if you have car or are a fit cyclist.
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Mondrago Natural Park

Mondrago national Park is a designated conservation area of 2000 acres including beach, sand dunes and wetlands.
One eighth of this is accessible to the public; much of the remainder is privately owned farmland.
Mondrago natural landscape has been shaped by centuries of agriculture.

Mondrago Natural Park Status

In 1989 a major building project was earmarked for the whole of this area to be covered with housing. The balaeric took notice of an initiative of Grup d’Ornitolia Balear (GOB). The government stepped in to give Mondrago protected status because of it’s proven ecological value and home to endangered species.

Natural habitat for endangered species

Scrublands provide the ideal environment for native endangered turtles. Natural pine forest vegetation provide shelter for more than 70 rare bird species. You can also find rare orchids in Mondrago natural park

Mondrago Natural Areas

There are pine wooded areas with walking trails, mainly of shorter routes for everyone to try.
Mondrago public, national Park is a particularly great area for younger children: there are easy walking trails. Also there are three sheltered sandy beaches, protected by pine cliffs. All beaches are connected by a rocky footpath and there are pedalos and refreshments available on the beach

Road Access to Monrago national Park

A network of narrow country lanes connect to town and resorts making this Mallorca nature Excursion accessible.
It’s easy to get here by car, bike or even on foot if you are into hiking. The roads are similar to English country lanes and many are edged by dry stone walls.

mondrago mallorca nature excursion

Mondrago Car Park and Visitor Centre

If you’re arriving by car, Some of the road signs can be a bit confusing.
Out of the two available car parks, head for Fonts de n’Alis where the visitor centre is (reached via a country road from Porto Petro). This Visitor Centre at Font de n’Alis is open daily from 09.00-16.00hrs and provides maps of the park.
The other car park is s’Amarador; Both these car parks are very close to each other.

Accommodation convenient for Mondrago Mallorca nature Excursion

Santanyi town is just 6 kilometres away. Cala Figuera is within a 35 minute drive or cycle and is easy to walk and jog there. The Hamlet of S’Alqueria Blanca is just 6 kilometres away.
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Cabrera National Park

The Cabrera Archipelago National Park is protected as one of the last wilderness areas in the Mediterranean.
Cabrera was declared/established as a national Park in 1991; it is Mallorca’s only national Park. All the other ecologically protected parks on Mallorca have natural park status.
Cabrera national park is the largest of a cluster of 6 tiny islets that form this national land-sea park. There are wild goats here as you may expect as the Spanish word for goat is Cabra/cabro.

History and Geology of Cabrera National Park

This land and sea park is a group of limestone and dolomite islands and islets and the sea around them. The park covers an area of 38 miles, although 34 of these are covered by water. The history is sad: French prisoners of war were starved to death in the castle on the hill.  You will see the remembrance monument paying homage to them on your excursion.

Cabrera island Mallorca nature excursion
Cabrera castle in the distance where French prisoners of war were left to starve to death
Plans for Cabrera Expansion

Balearic regional government and environmentalists are backing expansion plans for Cabrera National Park. Problem is, fisherman are opposing these plans that would see this park increase it’s area nine fold. This would happen by grouping together 11 islets that up until now are isolated. At present only Cabrera Island can be visited. All the other islets are used for scientific observations of their natural inhabitants.
Fisherman are concerned about the effect on the current presence and access of seabream and seabass

Why would you enjoy Cabrera National Park?

Good for Dolphin and Loggerhead turtle spotting. Also you can find an exclusive sub species of Lilford’s wall lizard here. Watch out for snakes! Adders that are endemic to the island live in the Mediterranean scrub.
Cabrera is also special protected area for birds. Around 150 species of birds migrate here. (blog to come in the next 3 months). It is simply one peaceful place to get well away from Mallorca tourist resorts for a day!
Divers can enjoy it too, although you are restricted to just one visit per stay.
There is lots of information to get stuck into if you are interested in marine biology at Cabrera National Park.
The museum there is a good starting point to learn about island sea life. There is also a gift shop and café bar

Getting There

There are various options of boat trips to Cabrera National Park, depending on how long you want to spend there. All trips start in the South of Mallorca at Campos Port, Colonia de Sant Jordi.
Check out Marcabrera boat trips to Cabrera National Park. This company have several different boat trips on offer to the national park.
A different company offering Cabrera boat Excursions from Colonia de Sant Jordi include a sunset tour round the island.

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Es Trenc natural Park

Es Trenc was given natural park status in 1984, thanks to the efforts of eco activists. It has been declared a natural area of special interest (ANEI).
Es Trenc nature reserve is an area in the true South of Mallorca in the municipalitry of Campos. It’s ecogogical network covers an area of 3700 acres.
There are 3 parts to the story of why Es Trenc and it’s neighbouring areas are of such great ecological importance.

The Landscape of Es Trenc

First there are the sand dunes and the fields that lie behind them with their rich vegetation and insects. These includes pine, mountain Germandes, Zamarrilla bushes, sea thistle plants and other herbs. Sand beetles and spiders also exist there.
Secondly there is the sea itself with it’s rich seabed. Then there are the Salobrar wetlands and salt lakes that lie behind the town of Colonia de Sant Jordi.
These wetlands are home to a huge population of local and migrating birds. (Birds Blog to come Autumn 2019)

es trenc salt lakes
image supplied courtesy of PJT56/Wikimedia commons/CC BY-SA 4.0
Ecosystems working together

None of these landscapes are isolated; they all work together to keep the food chain alive. And if you want to find out more about the salt marshes and Southern cliffs in this very region, Book here.

Reasons to visit the natural area of Es Trenc

Asides from the attraction of the natural beauty of the area, it is home to two highly revered beaches. Ses Covetes and Es Trenc beach itself are as popular with islanders as they are with tourists.
Two warnings: Autumn time is midge season and these can be so bad as to spoil your visit. And in case you are squeamish: parts of the beach are open to naturists!
However, the entire beach strip stretches on for 3 kilometres so you’ll probably find a space to yourself.

Getting to Es Trenc Nature Reserve
Where to Stay that is convenient for this Mallorca Nature Excursion

Colonia de Sant Jordi apartments serves as a good base for a trip to both Es Trenc and Cabrera.
Try the Universal Hotel Cabo Blanco Adults only Hotel here.  A week in early October for two adults costs below £800.00 for half board for BOTH PEOPLE!!
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Natura Parc Butterfly and animal sanctuary

Natura Park has the biggest butterfly enclosure in Spain. It has a huge walk-in avarery and A petting corner for small rescue animals.
You can walk around the park in the shade on a hot day.

Who would enjoy Natura Parc

School Parties, families, couples and anyone who has an interest in butterfly species and animals.
There are special education programmes for children to raise ecological awareness.

Trip Advisor reviews are mixed. Some say the enclosures are small and dirty. However this place is a second home for animals who have been rescued and would otherwise have been put down.
The entrance fee (£15 per adult) goes back into children’s environmental education.
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La Reserva Puig de Galatzo

This natural park is also simply referred to as ‘La reserva’.
This Mallorca Nature Excursion is at the side of Puig Galatzo, the start of the serra de Tramuntana mountain range.
To view location, opening times and all practicalities visit La Reserva official website. You can even have your child’s birthday party there!

La Reserva excirsion region

Geology of La Reserva Nature Reserve

This nature reserve consists of 100 square miles or 49,420 acres. Made up of rocky limestone outcrops dense woods, springs, caves and 30 waterfalls. The paths around the park take around an hour and a half to get round. There are plenty of benches to rest on for older family members to get your breath back.

How much is entry fee?

39 euros for adults and 32 euros for children

Opening Hours

During the summer season, you can visit the park on a coach trip from Santa Ponsa or from Peguera.
open daily 10.00-18.00 Last admission is at 17.00hrs

who would love this Mallorca Nature Excursion?

For Children, adults, everyone! There are pools to swim in and showers and changing rooms right next to them.
There are brown bears there’re and the Spanish equivalent of falconry. Go if you are interested in flora and fauna
Many plants grow there naturally. Numerous plaques give information about the plants.

Activities for older kids

Teenagers are bound to love the zip wires and climbing on offer. It is best to book these activities as there is a cap on numbers.

How to get there

4.5 kilometres west of Puigpunyent on the Eastern slope of the mighty Puig de Galatzo. Sign posted on the Puigpunyent to Galilea road.

Need to Knows

The 4 kilometre approach road up to La Reserva is full of pot holes and reviewers are not liking this.
See more Trip Advisor reviews on La Reserva Puig de Galatzo
If travelling by car, arrive early enough to not have to travel back down the mountain roads in the dark.
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Finca Galatzo

In the same area as La Reserva Nature Park Finca Galatzo is a country estate, great for picnics and strolling around. You will be surrounded by carob trees and dwarf pines along the nature trails. Expect to see other walkers, also mountain bikers and people on horseback along the way.
Finca Galatzo in the West of Mallorca is similar to Finca Son Real in the North East of the island.
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Safari Zoo Mallorca

Address: Carretera Porto Cristo km. 5, 07680 Porto Cristo, Majorca, Spain
lies between Porto Cristo and Cala Millor this Mallorca nature attraction has mixed reviews on Trip Advisor. So check it out first before your visit

Suitable for Children

The animals kept are mainly zebras, baboons, elephants and antelopes but their care is questionable according to reviews. Other criticisms are overpricing at 20 euros per person and lax opening hours. This price includes a half hour train ride around the facility which could however suit your children. Take your own food and drink though; according to Trip Advisor reviews the café too is overpriced

mallorca animal excursion
Trip Advisor Reviews suggest animals at Mallorca safari zoo are unkempt and sad and depressed. You decide-follow the link to check out the reviews

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Isla Sa Dragonera

Sa Dragonera is a public nature park with a natural history museum. It’s a strict protected islet measuring 4.2 kilometres long and up to 1 kilometre wide. Sa Dragonera is home to endemic lizards and many birds (make link to birds blog).
Sa Dragonera is also good for birdwatching, watersports, hiking, scenery and peacefulness.
Reached by ferry Margarita from Sant Elm. It’s a 20 minute journey time and there are 5 ferries a day. They run daily 10am until 5pm April to September and from 10am-3pm October to March.

sa dragonera mallorca nature excursion
There’s a restaurant with a terrace above the small harbour where you dock at Cala Llado
See walking section for hikes you can do on sa Dragonera.
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Sa Granja

la granja nature excursion leaflet

Address: Carretera Esporles-Banyalbufar kilometre 1.6
07190, Esporles, Mallorca
Also called La Granja, this is a country estate which used to be a Cistercian monastery. It lies 1 mile west of the pretty inland Mallorcan town of Esporles.
Here you can see Mallorca everyday life re-created from past eras. The grand rooms, furniture, art and antiques are all of interest as well as the nature in the grounds.

Nature at Sa Granja

There are ornamental shrubs and medicinal plants plus roaming pigs and goats in the grounds of Sa Granja.
On selected days you are able to see horse training or country dancing, which you are able to join in with.
There’s a natural spring that spouts water 30 feet into the air

Opening Hours and Entrance fee at La Granja
la granja information leaflet
what you can expect on your visit to La Granja

Follow this link for Discount Tickets to La Granja
The entry fee includes free tasters of local mallorcan cuisine.
This Mallorca nature excursion is open daily:
summer opening is 10.00-19.00; winter opening is 10.00-18.00hrs
Trip Advisor reviews of La Granja are mixed. The main criticism is the touristy element in high season when coach parties arrive.
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Serra de Tramuntana

Mallorca’s main mountain range which stretches from Andratx in the West to Pollenca in the North of the island.
Covering 90 kilometres, there are over 10 public estates here. The shape of the mountain range is determined by their calcareous stone composition reacting with rainwater over the years.

serra de tramuntana at Lluc

Nature Excursions in the Serra de Tramuntana

Nature excursions in the serra de Tramuntana mountain range revolves mainly around hiking. You have to get amongst these mountains to really appreciate their natural beauty and ruggedness. The nature you see and hear will vary depending on your whereabouts within the mountains.

Herbs Trees Plants and Shrubs

Here are few examples of wildlife you can expect to find amongst the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range.
In the Albarca valley at the foot of Puig Roig you can come across almond plantations. Fig and olive trees also grow here.
On the walk from Esporles to Banyalbufar, keep your eyes open for wild peach trees, poplars and very tall ash trees.
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