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Updated February 2020
Learn golf from the best..

Mallorca Majorca Golf Academy Hotpicks.

Where do you go to improve your golf game in Mallorca? Looking at the best of the Majorca Mallorca Golf Academy. Helping you choose the best environments to play and practise golf in Mallorca. For Adults, Juniors and Children.
Please Note the Junior specific golf coaching section is at the end of this article

This blog looks at the following Mallorca Majorca Golf schools

Monnard Widmer Golf Academy

Alcanada Golf Academy

Son Servera Golf Academy

Vall d’or Golf Academy

Son Antem Golf Academy

Son Gual Golf Academy

T-Golf and Country Club Golf Academy

Majorca Golf Academy for Juniors

A sweating cat playing golf
Spring and Autumn are best for Majorca Golf Academy. Summer months can be too hot!

Monnard Widmer Golf Academy

This Majorca Golf Academy is based at Capdepera Golf Course in the privileged north-east of Majorca. The joint owners use Capdepera and 4 other Majorca golf courses to help you to perfect your golf game. These  include Canyamel (very close by to Capdepera), Santa Ponsa and Son Gual Golf courses. It depends where you are staying in Mallorca which course will work best for you.

About the Owners

Michael Monnard and Tobias Widmer

Multi-lingual Teachers

The Monnard Widmer golf school is owned and run by Michel Monnard and Tobias Widmer. Michael is the managing director and has lived and worked in Majorca since 1996. Golf lessons with him are in either german, Spanish, French or English. He is a PGA (Professional Golfers Association) instructor.
Michael Monnard Telephone: +0034 639 635 634

Positive Mental Attitude

Tobias, also a PGA instructor, is the co-owner with Michael and the booking coordinator. He has worked at this Mallorca Majorca golf academy since 2004 and speaks german, English and Spanish. His whole philosophy and approach to teaching golf is based on PMA (positive mental attitude).
Together Michael and Tobias wrote the German book about golf practise and learning “Golf Konzentrat”
Tobias Widmer Telephone: 0034 687 578 051

What you can expect to learn at The Monnard Widmer Golf School

Discover golfing rules and etiquette. Use mental and physical techniques to improve your golf swing, your long and short game, putting techniques and ball flight. The Monnard Widmer Majorca Golf Academy uses tried and tested technology to help you achieve this

Learn Golf using High technology

As well as the use of high speed video analysis, they use the Flightscope© x2 radar technology to dissect your golf swing and hit. They also use SAM Puttlab technique, the Boditrak pressure mat (which shines ultrasound light on your movements
Brief Summary of each of these training methods:


Flightscope© was the world’s first 3D phased array tracking radar for golf. In simplified terms, this advanced ballistic flight analysis software tracks a golf ball and club through and after impact
It consists of a high performance, low power, 3D doppler tracking radar with phased array antenna technology. The radar captures 27 different available data points for golf club fitting and golf coaching

SAM Puttlab Technique

Ultrasound light is shone on your movements to reveal even the smallest details of your putting stroke. SAM Puttlab is considered a reliable putting stroke analysis technique
This system can analyse more than 40 aspects of your golf putting stroke. The results are displayed graphically so you can better understand your putting technique strengths and weaknesses
On this basis, the Monnard Widmer training school works out an efficient training programme for you
Discover more about  SAM Puttlab

Boditrak Pressure Mat©

This piece of technology is used to analyse and record your balance and weight distribution during your strokes and game. Coaches can develops specific training techniques so you can make improvements to your game. Discover more at boditrak sports

Golf Lessons and courses at Monnard Widmer Academy
Individual Golf Lessons

Analysing the assessment findings, Monnard/Widmer provides you with physical and mental exercises to help improve your golf game.
Single lessons are also available with Monnard/Widmer lasting from 90 minutes to 3 hours

Single Lesson Cost

The 3 hour intensive individual lesson costs from 99 euros. This includes 45 minutes short game tuition, 45 minutes long game tuition. The remaining time is used to play the golf course at which you are receiving tuition.

Putting Instruction Course

Monnard and Widmer academy use the Sam Puttlab technique  to establish your putting technique strengths and weaknesses and put an improvement plan into action. Costing from 150 euros

Golf Trial Course

This taster course has been set up to help you decide if Golf is for you. The course takes a fun approach and costs from 99 euros

Family Golf Training Courses

On these Majorca Golf training courses it is up to you to decide whether to stick together as a family. Or you can split up from the kids so you all have optimum training environments for ages and abilities.
A weekly intensive family course usually begins Monday and ends on Friday and each lesson lasts from 90 minutes to 3 hours per day Cost starts ay 230 euros
The sessions combine lessons with practise. You work on your technique and then get to actually play

Other Golf Courses at Monnard Widmer Golf School
My First Golf Handicap Course at Monnard/Widmer

This course results in you getting a handicap certificate enabling you to play alone on a golf course.
The entry requirements for this golf training course are 15 golf lessons with a PGA qualified teacher. You also need to have spent an adequate time practising your golf technique. The Monnard-Widmer academy can advise you more specifically on any course prerequisites.
Exams take place on the last two days of the course. The exam consists of a playing ability exam, a rules and etiquette exam and a driving range test
The price of this course starts from 680 euros

Find out more about The Monnard Widmer Majorca Golf Academy

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Alcanada Majorca Golf Academy

Alcanada Golf Club and Academy
Carretera del Faro s/n
E 07400 Puerto de Alcudia

Telephone: (0034) 971 54 95 60
This Academy is at Alcanada Golf Club in the north of Mallorca. John Verhappen is the head coach here. He speaks Spanish, English, German, Dutch and French. He will give you insight on reading the green, game strategy and golf club selection

Lessons and Courses at Alcanada Majorca Golf Academy

Individual Golf Lessons

Individual lessons start at 75 euros for 50 minutes and includes, clubs, range balls and the driving range fees

Alcanada bay lightj=house in distance
easy access to this beach from Alcanada Golf Course
First Timers Golf Induction Programme at Alcanada Golf School

This is a lesson that lasts 2 hours. You will learn the basics of the game and about golf etiquette. The course normally runs for 2-6 people and costs 65 euros per person. If you want a one to one session, it’s the same price but the time is shortened to one hour. The price also includes golf club rental, driving range balls and range fee

Introduction to Golf at Alcanada Golf Academy

A 5 day course targeting the golf novice. This is a super course for you if you’re thinking of taking up golf as a hobby and want to learn from scratch. There are three hours of lessons a day with head coach John Verhappen. You cover basic golf swing, golf rules and etiquette and get to play your first ever couple of holes.
The cost of this course at Alcanada club is 750 euros per person. All equipment and facility hire is included. Maximum of 4 people to each course. For a one to one, the cost remains the same but there’s two hours of lessons per day instead of three.

Advanced Intensive 3 Day Course at Alcanada Golf School

Have three hours of lessons a day, 3 days a week. Choose whether you do Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Instruction includes short game, putting, long shots and use of Flightscope© technology to check club suitability

Work on your long and short game, putting skills and management of golf course negotiation.  Your golf club length and swing speed is assessed using Flightscope©  technology

Cost of Advanced Intensive Training Course

450 euros per person includes lesson and all necessary equipment and green fees at Alcanada golf course

A Game with Alcanada’s head coach

You can play nine holes one to one with John Verhappen for 180 euros. The cost is reduced to 120 euros each for 2-6 people. This price includes lesson, club and ball hire and driving range fee.

Tailor Made Golf Club Fitting at Alcanada Golf School

Discover if you’re using the correct golf clubs to suit your game. The flightscope© technology is used to discover your swing speed, shafts, loft and lie.
Get advice as a result of the fitting as to the best golf clubs for your game. If you buy new golf clubs at Alcanada Golf club as a result of the fitting, you obviously won’t be charged for fitting time
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Vall d’or Golf Majorca Mallorca Golf Academy

This Majorca Golf Academy is in the  south-east of Majorca/Mallorca. This region tends to be one of the driest and hottest on the island.
Carretera Cala d’or-Porto Colom km 7,7 07669, S’Horta,
Telephone:0034 971 837 001

Practise areas at Vall d’or

Vall d’or Golf Academy has areas designed specifically for golf practise as well as playing. It has covered areas, practise bunkers, an approach zone and various putting greens. They use the latest teaching material from the RFEG (Real Federacion Espanola de Golf).

Individual adult and group Lessons and courses at Vall d’or

Adults are also catered for as well as juniors at Vall d’or. There are individual golf lessons and classes starting at 35 euros per person.
For group learning, you need to request a quote from them. Antonio Gonzalez Tome is the main PGA coach at Vall d’or. Adults beginners courses at Vall d’or are available.

TOP TIP: Vall d’or Majorca Golf Academy is surrounded by some outstanding areas of beauty for you to enjoy a family holiday

See more about Vall d’or adult golf academy
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Son Antem Golf Academy

Son Antem Mallorca Majorca Golf Academy is at Son Antem Golf course in the southern Majorca/Mallorca in the municipality of Llucmajor
Telephone 0034 971 129 200

Good environment to learn Golf

Son Antem’s Golf Academy provides a good environment to improve your game of golf. Ther’s a circular driving range with capacity for 200 players. Also there’s an approach green with practise greens and bunkers. Practise your putting on the 1000 square metre putting green.

The Coaches at Son Antem

The professional Instruction here is provided by Jose Marcellan (PGA pro USA born 1982) and Thorsten Fey (PGA pro Germany born 1980)

Specialised courses at Son Antem Golf Academy

There’s plenty to choose from
Courses and lessons are available for beginners to advanced and for groups and individuals. Private lessons start from 70 euros per person or divide a lesson price of 105 euros between four people

Golf Handicap Course at Son Antem

Get a handicap certificate on a 5 day intensive course. Learn golf course skills, rules and etiquette at the same time. The course can be either 10 or 15 hours Cost is 650-1950 euros respectively

Play with a Pro at Son Antem

Play golf with a pro for 160 euros for 2 hours or divide the price of 250 euros between 3 of you

Golf Club fitting at Son Antem

Get a golf club fitting using the flightscope© system. It takes 1 hour and costs 90 euros
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Son Gual Golf Academy

Son Gual Golf club
Telephone: 0034 971 785 888


Son Gual Mallorca Majorca Golf Academy uses the logical golf training system technique developed by Robert Baker.
This training method targets your sub-conscious and your movement through the use of teaching aids. These help you to visualise and feel your golf swing through motor skills learning. This enables the correct swing movements become fixed in your memory.
The Logicalgolf© training method has helped the likes of Ernie Elms, Greg Norman, Nick Faldo and Nick Price to improve their game
Read  more detailed definition about The Logicalgolf Training Method  
The head professional/logical master golf Instructor at Son Gual Golf Academy is Tim Holroyd; he has his own website.

T-Golf and Country Club Golf Academy

T-Golf and Country Mallorca Majorca Golf venue as a whole came out top in the Mallorca golf 2018 customer satisfaction survey. Results for 2019 will be out at the start of 2020. So keep an eye out in the early part of next year for who’s going to crowned with this accolade. The refurbishment of the course is the main reason for it’s massive jump to the top of the rankings. There has been in fact a total restructuring of the T Golf and country golf club although the golf academy there has been running since 2009.

Head Pro Coach

Coque Insua is the name of the head coach who runs this Majorca Mallorca Golf Academy. All levels are catered for from beginners to advanced. If you are just starting out, you can learn the basics such as grip, swing and posture.
If you want more detailed analysis of your game, the flightscope© method analysis the impact of your hit and ball flight.

Location, Contact and Accommodation for T-Golf and Country Club

T-Golf and Country Club is in the Calvia municipality of Mallorca. Just 7 kilometres from the up and coming Port Adriano and very close to serene Portals Vells. From Portals Vells you can take a nature walk to the lighthouse of Cala Figuera. (Not to confused with Cala Figuera locations in the East or North.) If you want to play multiple golf courses while on holiday, you also have Santa Ponsa Golf Course close by.  Pure Salt Adriano Hotel and Spa is a quality hotel choice; plus you have abundance of accommodation to choose from in Santa Ponsa. Here is a map for clarity!
Email: Telephone: +900 024 218 to book your lessons.

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Golf courses in Mallorca with Junior Golf Academy

Junior Golf Academy at Real Bendinat Golf Club

Juniors can play at Bendinat for 50% off adult prices
Between 02/03/2020 and 14/06/2020, juniors can play for just £49 euros with a full paying adult.
The same applies between 7th September and 8th November

Junior Golf Academy at Alcanada Golf Club

Under 16’s can participate for free in a lesson with a full paying adult

Junior Golf Academy at Son Servera Golf Club

The junior golf section here is renowned throughout Spain. Juniors at this club are categorised as being between 5 and 21 years old.
As well as learning the game, juniors are welcomed into golf competitions to partner and play against seniors.

Cost for Juniors at Son Servera

Golf lesson prices for juniors at Son Servera range from 55 euros to 85 euros per hour depending on numbers of people participating. It is best to contact the club first to register your interest.
The flightscope© system is used to analyse movements.

Coach at Son Servera

The main coach for Juniors at Son Servera Majorca Mallorca Golf Academy is Jose Luis Palacios whose qualifications include level 3 junior coach
Son Servera Golf Club and Academy is near the popular Majorca tourist areas of Cala Millor and Cala Bona. Cala Millor is very popular with Germans. Cala Bona is advertised in UK travel brochures, so popular with Brits.

seafront close to Son Servera Golf
beautiful beaches within easy reach of Son Servera Golf Academy
Junior Golf Academy at Vall d’or Golf Course

This Golf School caters for adults and for juniors from the age of 5 to 21 years old. There’s a specific junior academy here. Please follow this link junior golf learning Vall d’or to find out more

Junior Academy at Son Antem Golf Course

There are good financial incentives for juniors to play here when playing with an adult. Lessons for juniors are available between September and June
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