Hiking in Majorca

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Stepping Out in Mallorca

Hiking in Majorca.

One of the best places in the world for hiking, so what are your options for hiking in Majorca? Due to the high volume of hiking routes on the island you must first decide exactly what you want to from your walks!
Do you want to see coast, countryside, mountains, birds, flowers, other people along the way? Or have some peace and quiet along your chosen route

An Incentive to Hike

If you need a prize at the end of your Majorca hike, walking to a restaurant or chiringuita, having a meal and returning on foot again can be much more appealing than going for a walk for the sake of it. Or getting to a mirador vantage point for photo opportunities can be the incentive you need. Perhaps you prefer to walk in the shade of the woods, taking a picnic with you? Or is a walk to a beach for a swim the bait you need before heading back? Finca Galatzo Country park is a great place for picnics. And if you park on the road to Cap de Formentor you can walk to a cove and swim

Hiking in Majorca for Individual Fitness Levels

You have to be realistic about your individual fitness level when picking a route. If you know 2 hours on your feet is your limit, you’ll have to arrange pick-up or have accessible public transport if your chosen hiking route takes 2 hours. Or else choose a 2 hour round trip circuit rather than an ‘A-B’ hiking route.
Lluc Monastery in the North is a good location to find Mallorca hiking circuits. These allow you to conclude your walk at your starting point. Also it’s easy to park or take the bus there.
If you are staying in one of the Mallorca Northern resorts there is a summer bus service to Lluc.
Buses from Picafort, Port de Pollenca, Alcudia and Playa de Muro serve Inca.
See Mallorca northern resorts for links to bus time tables. Or if you have easy access to the trainline, buses run from Inca to Lluc. Inca is a stop on the train line.

lluc area hiking in majorca
Many hiking circuit options both short and longer. Park or take bus to Lluc Monastery
Avoid strain on your Body

If you have back or hamstring problems don’t pick a route with too many hard hills. Same for knee trouble as the worst strain is coming down the hills the other side!
Whether you’re just starting out or a thrill seeking adrenaline junkie there’s a walk in Mallorca for you.

Majorca Walks for Families and Lower Fitness Levels

There are plenty of walks of an hour to two hours for younger, older family members or the less fit.
Examples: Head to Mondrago natural Park in the South-East of the island where there are four options of easy hiking trails. Two different loops of 40 minutes each and two different loops of 30 minutes each. You will find these sandy hiking trails in the shaded woods by the main car park.

Mondrago Hiking Trails

The shortest Mondrago hiking trail is roughly 20 minutes. This is the trail of Ses Fonts de n’Alis which leads you to the beach of Cala de Sa Font de n’Alis. This beach is also known as Cala Mondrago.
Another trail is the Sa Guardia d’en Garrot half hour circuit
If you want a 25 minute walk, follow the path of Punta ses Gatoves. Finally, there’s the trail of s’Amarador which leads to wetlands and the beach.

mondrago mallorca hiking terrain
The type of terrain you can expect for beginner level hikes in Mondrago natural Park, Mallorca

Hiking in Mallorca for Improver Level

A ’round trip’ hiking circuit that takes you back round to your starting point is suitable for improvers.
A good 3 and a half hour round trip takes you through mountain countryside starting at the Mallorca town of Valldemossa. The town which Chopin made his home in the 19th century.
This route leads through a valley and along a plateau. Look down over the beautiful bay of beautiful Deia along the way.

Parking and Start of Route

Parking is available at Valldemossa and regular buses call there if you’re not driving. Your hike begins and ends at the main bus stop in Valldemossa. Bus number 210 serves a number of areas in Majorca. Check that you are using the most up to date timetable

Valldemossa street
Valldemossa where Chopin and his lover Geoge Sands made their home

Majorca Hikes to improve your fitness

If you want to challenge your current fitness level, increase your time on your feet to what you’re used to doing. Be realistic though. Add no more than half hour to the total time of the length of your previous hike. Or (as long as you don’t have hamstring or back problems) find a hike with some rolling hills.
Hills are a great way of improving your fitness instead of increasing the time of your hike. The GR221 dry stone route provides plenty of hills, both short and long. And you can choose which section to do as each part varies in distance, complexity and ease of access.

Majorca cliff Hike for fitness gains

If you’re staying in Canyamel, start on Canyamel beach. Head to the far side of the beach. Heading North East, hike up through the wooded cliff tops to the neighbouring resort of Cala de sa Font. There will be restaurants and hotels there where you can get refreshment in the summer months.

canyamel cliffs to hike over
These are the cliffs you will be hiking over to reach Font de sa Cala. Follow the arrow for the hike start point

After your meal here and for really keen hikers, walk back to Canyamel. Don’t forget your camera as there are a few good vistas along the way.
Allow a full day for this if walking both ways and pick a dry and not too hot day. Take plenty of water, a few snacks and suncream. Bear in mind you need a head for heights in one of the spots. I don’t, so I chose not to look behind me while hugging a tree to negotiate a high bend on this hike!
You can do this walk in reverse if you’re staying in Font de Sa Cala. From the beach, walk in the opposite direction to where the hotels are. When you reach the woods at the end of town, you will see the entrance to the path.

mallorca hiking trail north east

Majorca coastal Hike with a touch of History

If you want to reach a focal point on your Mallorca hike, there’s a coastal walk that takes you to an ancient tower ruin.
Stay in Font de sa Cala Mallorca. Hotel Na Taconera offers good value B&B, half board and all inclusive options. Drive or take a bus to cala Agulla NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH CALA ANGILA. Even some bus drivers get their wires crossed about this so be clear that it’s the Cala Agulla in the Cala Ratjada area! It’s a white sand beach just south of mainstream Cala Ratjada resort. You can get a bus or drive here from Font de sa Cala . Bus timetable Cala Agulla The bus only runs in the summer season. You’ll be walking to Cala Mesquida from Cala Agulla on a sandy wooded path at the back of the cliff.
The whole hike is approximately 12-15 kilometres return and how long it takes it takes really depends on how far/fast you walk.

chance to Swim at half way point

When you reach Cala Mesquida one of the best beaches on Majorca, you can swim before turning back round the way you came. This time you stick to the coast path to reach the Talia de Son Jaumell

Talia at summit of majorca hike
remains of Talia at summit of Mallorca hike
Summery of Route

Get off the bus or park your car. Head South away from the car park to the far end of the beach. Here, you’ll see a large beach house with a garage opposite. Choose the track here that’s walled with a barbed wire fence that appears to go away from the beach inland. The path is well signposted to Cala Mesquida.

sea for swimming on route
swim when you reach your hiking destination
Head for Heights

The first third of the return hike is slightly scary if you don’t like heights. You may also have to scramble a bit to reach the summit where the grass verge rocky path is at it’s steepest. Personally I couldn’t do it the first time! The second time though, I decided not to look back and scrambled up with peace of mind that I wouldn’t have to come back down again.

summit views of hike
Worth the fear to reach the top!

Because once you reach the tower there are some fantastic coastal views and photo opportunities so it is worth it! The path then leaves the tower and eventually re-joins the first part of the path you walked out on. You descend on it back to Cala Angulla beach and then back to the car park or bus stop.

As with any Mallorca hike, Wear good shoes and take plenty of water, snacks and sunscreen as this route is exposed. Although there are refreshments at Cala Mesquida, they are at the very far end of the beach. Go for it if you don’t mind adding on about another hour to this walk (half hour each way along the beach).

A Jaunt in lush Western Mallorca

Another suggestion for a good base to stay for a Mallorca hiking trip is Banyalbufar in the West.
There are good half day or full day walks in the immediate area of Banyalbufar. If you walk to Esporles, you could return to Banyalbufar by bus.
Stay at Sa Baronia, Banyalbufar which offers great quality deals. If you stay October 1st-8th 2019, it’ll cost you around £750 half board for 2 people.

mallorca hiking banyalbufar sign

If you have car hire for your Banyalbufar stay you can access some other very good hike start points within 20kms of your hotel. Valldemossa is just one idea; there are several hikes in this region. Banyalbufar is accessible by bus from Palma. To add variety to your Mallorca hiking trip why not stay 5 nights at Banyalbufar and 2 nights in Palma. This way you will have time to take a good look round Palma’s history, shops and architecture. There are hiking opportunities in Palma also. And you can take the airport bus for the return journey to Palma airport and save on your transfer!

Walk and Picnic

Finca Galatzo sits on the Galatzo estate. The entire estate comprises the Finca and the country park. The estate is open to the public for hiking, cycling, running and horseriding. It’s an area of 1400 hectares of land offering various distances and levels of routes for these sports. It lies in the South-West of Majorca in the vicinity of Es Capdella and comes under the municipality of Calvia. The picnic areas that are popular with locals at weekends but quieter during the week.
The historic lime kilns, an old well or a spring hidden in a tunnel add to the intrigue at this Majorca country park estate.

picnic spot Galatzo country park
majorca picnic spot in Galatzo country park

Parking is available there or take the bus route number 111 from Palma to Es Capdella. Make sure you check the most up to date time-table before you travel at Tib Mallorca buses. The bus leaves from Palma bus Terminus and passes through Santa Ponsa on the way. If you’re staying at either of these places, this walking trip could make a good day or long afternoon out.
Once you get off the bus where it terminates, cross the road and walk the opposite way from where the bus is facing. You will come to a side turning after a few metres with a signpost to Galatzo. Before you head down it, you can first visit a café along the road with the bus stop. That is as long as it isn’t siesta time!

galatzo country estate for hiking
varied grades of hiking routes within the park
Majorca uphill walking path
Hiking on hilly Majorca Paths that get you fit
All levels of hikes in South-West Mallorca

Paguera is one of the earliest tourist resorts in Mallorca. Hiking in Pageura is often overlooked which is a shame because not only are there fantastic hiking opportunities in this area but some great value accommodation.
Speaking from my own experiences Valentin Hotels offer some great deals. If you visit their website, you can find out about hiking in Paguera and book a room at the same time.

Nature and Bird spotting walk in Port de Pollenca area

If you want a natural walk with the chance of sightings of birds (feathered variety), here is a suggestion for you if you are staying in Port de Pollenca.

Getting to the start point of the walk

On foot you want the roundabout at the end of Avinguda Bocchoris (the furthest end from the sea. If driving you will approach this roundabout on the Ma2200, whichever direction you come from. There is a car park there.

start of port pollenca hike
near the start of port de pollenca hike
The Boquer valley walk

Follow the gravel path to the gates of the farmhouse. Go through the gate and up the driveway; in spite of the private property sighs, you are allowed to enter. Go past the farmhouse and through a metal gate. There’s a stony path a few metres to the right that climbs to another gate. Keep right. If you happen to veer left towards the limestone ridge of Cavall Bernat, you will need a good head for heights.

Nature Trail on Sa Dragonera protected Islet

Sa Dragonera is good for families and anyone who loves nature, bird-spotting.
There are 2 separate hikes on this island that lies opposite Sant Elm. Reach this protected island which is 4.2 kilometres long and up to 1 kilometre wide by ferry ride from Sant Elm. Both hikes once you reach the island, are well sign-posted.
The shorter and prettier hike takes about an hour each way. Follow signs for Cap de Tramuntana after you’ve docked at Calo Lladó.
The longer walk is a 3-4 hour hike which goes up to the Puig de na Pòpia lighthouse on the north-West coast of sa Dragonera.

Nature Trails easily accessible from Palma

Keeping on the nature trail theme, you can take the bus or mountain train to Bunyola.
Wooded glades surround this pretty town and within the woods there are good rambling trails. Paths are sign-posted from the train station. Serious hikers can continue to Orient although buses to Orient have to be booked so it may be best to do an overnight stop. Try L’hermitage Hotel and Spa in Orient.

Majorca extreme hiking

So you are a thrill seeking adrenaline junkie and want to take hiking to the max!
This walk should only be attempted by you if you are an extremely fit, extremely experienced sure and footed hiker. It’s s a 5 hour trek through the huge canyon of The Torrent de Pareis. It includes at least an hours worth of scrambling over rocks that have broken off over time from the high edges.
Escorca, where there’s a car park and a staffed hut in summer, is where the starting point is.
For more information about Torrent de Pareis Hike

Take Heed

Only attempt this walk in the dry season.
Don’t do this walk in the winter months or when there’s been a lot of rain. The eroded basin at the foot of the gorge quickly fills with rainfall making it a dangerous torrent
Don’t do this walk on your own. Mobile phones will not work in the gorge if you get into trouble.
Saying that, some thrill seeking locals who have experience with the gorge take their wetsuits and swim across. Deaths have occurred when people have been swept away

Destination point of this Majorca hiking mission

GR221 Ruta de Pedra en Sec

This is a long distance paved pathway of about 90kms long that runs through Majorca’s serra de Tramuntana mountain range. It begins in Andratx in the West of Mallorca and ends in Pollenca in the North East. It doesn’t have to be walked all at once, it can be broken down into sections!
In English Ruta de Pedra en Sec means dry stone route. ‘Dry stone’ refers to the stone in the walls that line the path. There is no mortar used in the construction of the wall. The stones have been laid out using a tried and tested method.

small section of majorca gr221 hiking route
Diversity Of The GR221 Hiking Route

You’ll see houses, huts, kilns, a castle a monestary, refuges where you can stay. All this along the route as well as animals and unusual birds in their natural habitat. You can always deviate from the route itself and visit the small Mallorcan towns and villages. Here you will find more luxurious bedrooms as opposed to the more basic accommodation available at the refuges.

To walk the GR221 path, or even sections of it needs careful planning. it would take an entire blog post to cover everything. Discover more about the GR221 Majorca hiking route


Follow the link to more about the new G222 route

Hiking in Majorca different seasons

Spring is particularly scenic for hiking in Majorca. You can get to see almond blossom or Cistus flowering on some of Majorca’s walking routes. Almond blossom is out as early as January on Majorca
The summer months of June, July and August are often just too unbearably hot to do hikes of any great length in coastal areas. There are other Majorca hikes that offer more shade away from the coast.
Generally though Autumn and Spring are the more comfortable months to walk in Majorca. But remember a heavy shower can suddenly appear in these seasons so take waterproofs!


The hikes mentioned in this blog post are just a few examples of Majorca walks. There are loads more.
I will be updating this page with some more in the future so keep a look-out!

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