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art in mallorca

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Art in Mallorca.

View your favourite genres of art in Mallorca. Find out where the best contemporary and classical art galleries and sculpture exhibitions are located.

Art in Palma Mallorca

Palma, Mallorca’s capital City is a haven for art in Mallorca. Not only are many of the main galleries located here; museums and shops also have art on show. Museums often contain a cross section of art and history. Some of the art exhibitions are temporary. This article focuses on art in Mallorca’s capital city, Palma. Part 2 of Art in Mallorca will focus on art in Mallorca outside of the city.


Miquel Barcelo, Salvador Dali the surrealist painter. Pablo Picasso and other great artists all have their works on display in various galleries in Palma.

art in mallorca salvador dali
Salvador Dali impression

Art Galleries in and around Palma’s Old Town

The old town of Palma is museums and galleries where you can see Mallorca Art.

Fundiacion Sa Nostra

This gallery is owned by the big Balearic building society Sa Nostra and displays temporary art exhibitions. Originally a 17th century house touched up in 1909 with a few modernista touches. It has an 18th centre café and a courtyard
Address: Carrer de la Concepio 12

Museu Fundación Juan March Palma

Address: Calle de San Miquel 11, 07002, Palma de Mallorca
2 floors of small rooms containing 70 permanent modern art works. Works are predominantly by Spanish artists from 1930’s onwards. There’s enough art to spend about an hour and a half looking round. You may not feel it’s big enough to warrant a special trip to the city for. But hey, entry is free so you can’t complain! It’s great museum for you if you want to see sculpture (Henry Moore and Eduardo Chillida) and classical art. Also check out the website for some fantastic temporary art exhibitions.

Palma Gallery Tour

So why not combine Museu Fundación Juan March as part of a self-guided ‘city art tour’. Use the google map below to help you plan where to begin your tour of several Palma galleries.
This museum come gallery is located directly above Le Seu, Palma’s famous cathedral near Museu de Mallorca.

art in mallorca moore sculpture
Henry Moore’s style of Sculpture

The sculpture display includes religious sculptures in polychromed wood. There are also contemporary sculptures on the patios here. Paintings are by Dali All works were part of Bartolome March’s own niche collection of art and books and includes an original wall mural by Josep Maria Sert.

Le Seu Cathedral Museum

Palma has the largest contemporary arts collection on the island which is housed in Le Seu cathedral Museum. Other genres of art besides are on display including the latest editions by Miquel Barcelo. In fact there is an overview of the entire history of Mallorcan art including Gaudi. There is a cathedral museum directly next door on the East side of the cathedral. It’s called Museu Deocesà. Opening hours are Mon-Fri 10.00hrs-15.15hrs and Sat 10.00hrs-14.15hrs.
Closed on Sundays and holidays

Museu Deocesà and Royal Palace of Almudaina

Museu Deocesà houses sculptures Christian and Baroque art. As of August 2019 it is unfortunately shut until further notice. Watch this space though for information on it’s re-opening! The arab fortress Palace Almudaina displays portraits and tapestries from the Roman era and is worth a look at the same time that you visit Le Seu

Museu de Mallorca

Address: Calle Portella 5, 07001, Palma. Mallorca.
Museu de Mallorca is mainly a history museum. There is a gallery on the top floor with 19th and 20th century paintings. It’s worth seeing if you appreciate art from Rome as much of the art work comes from here. Not the most comprehensive art gallery in Palma but there are advantages of a visit. When you buy your tickets for this gallery (just 2 euros 40) buy your cathedral tickets too. This way you can by pass the main queues to access the cathedral. Also get tickets while you’re at it for Museo Deocesà, the museum attached to the cathedral (closed at present).

Here is the map for Le Seu cathedral, Royal Palace of Almudaina, Museu Diocesà.

Ses Voltes

Address: Passeig Dalt Murada 1a, 07001 Palma de Mallorca.
Situated in Carrer Dalt Murada near Parc de la Mar area near Le Seu. This venue is used for exhibitions (and concerts)

Consulat de Mar

This historical landmark isn’t an art gallery but you may as well get a photo on your art tour! It’s close to La Llotja (below) so you won’t be going out of your way. Consolut de Mar is a former maritime tribunal with a pair of canons outside the door.

Sa Llotja

Sa Llotja, (also known as La Lonja in Castilian) is a famous landmark in Palma Mallorca.
It Houses special art or sculpture exhibitions at specific times of the year.



Es Baluard

art in mallorca es balaurd

Es Baluard is a contemporary 21st building in the Es Puig de Sant Pere area of Mallorca. It is made out of partly restored remains of a tower from the 11th century Muslim era. Inside it is all about white walls and clean modern lines with large glass panes to separate the courtyards. It has both permenant and ever-changing art displays showcasing contemporary and classical artists. The permenant art collections here include works by Picasso and Dali and also Mallorcan artists Miquel Barcelo and Joan Miro. There are also regular trailblazing temporary exhibitions.

Es Baluard Tours

Every Wedneday at 17.00 hrs there’s a tour round the museum. It lasts an hour and caters for a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 25. It is a free tour and has to be booked at The tour guides you through the permenant collections and latest artistic trends.


Wheelchairs can be requested free of charge

Opening Hours

Opens Tuesday to Saturday 10.00 hrs-20.00hrs and Sunday 10.00-15.00 hrs. This art gallery opens on Sunday 10-15.00hrs. Es Baluard is closed every Monday but does have ‘open door days’ on Mallorca national bank holidays.

Mallorca smaller Art Galleries
Gallery Alley

Carrer de Can Veri is a lane with chic boutiques and is known to art lovers as gallery alley. Part of a network of narrow streets just East of Passeig d’es Born in Central Palma

Pelaires Centre Cultural Contemporani

Address: Calle de Can Veri 3, 07001
Also known as Ses Pelaires. This beautiful 17th century townhouse was a convent for a while before becoming an art gallery. Ever changing art exhibitions are on show here that mainly include works by top Spanish painters.

La Caja Blanca

Calle de Can Veri 9, 07001 Palma de Mallorca
La Caja Blanca is a minimalist space displaying 3-4 art exhibitions annually. These include Mallorquin and international artists.
Visit the website at

Galeria K

Calle de Can Veri 10,
A small gallery displaying art by Spanish and international painters
Visit the website at

Art on the Outskirts of Palma

There are galleries that are easily accessible from Palma’s main hub with just a short bus ride. Mainly these are smaller galleries located just to the East and West of Palma. They may be smaller but are still worthy of a visit!

Pilar and Joan Miro Foundation

Otherwise known as Joan Miro’s studio. It’s on the western edge of Palma in the Cala Mayor area.
Address: Calle Saridakis 29, 07015 Palma de Mallorca.
You can take the L3 bus here from Palma towards Illetas and get off opposite Nixe Palace Hotel. There is no need to cross the road when you get off. The studio is down a side turning about a 5 minute walk away. There is also a sculpture garden and a library.

side street to Miro studio
Side Street to Joan Miro Gallery
About Joan Miro

Joan Miro’s connection with Mallorca was that his mother and wife were Mallorquin. Mallorca was where he lived for much of his life. Just Like Turner who was inspired by English skylines, Miro loved to watch the always changing Mallorca sky. He loved the shooting stars and the light of the fireflies. Palma was where Miro got much of his inspiration for his art works. He could create something just by looking at a piece of driftwood. When Joan Miro was nearing end of life, he requested that everything in his studio remained exactly how he left it. This included the paint palette he was using. He was painting the week before he died at the age of 90

Museu Krekovic

This one’s for you if you’d like to see art in Mallorca based around early South American Civilisation.
This small museum was opened in 1981 by Croatian painter Kristian Krekovik (1901-1985). It includes his works and paintings and handicrafts from Spain and South America.

Romantic Paintings

Kristian Krekovic’s paintings are romantic. See his works on Spanish daily life and his homeland. He lived his last 20 years in Palma where he died.

Gallery Location

This gallery is in the Queretara area, a far Eastern suburb of Palma.
Address: Carrer de Ciutat de Quaeretaro 3

Nit de l’Art

Always celebrated on the third Thursday of each September. The 2019 event takes place on Thursday 19th September 2019. Museums and art galleries open late with their art exhibitions for you to view art in Mallorca for free. As you make your way between the different exhibition venues there are entertaining and interesting art activities going on in the streets.

Art Collections

Art collections go on sale on Nit de l’art and art collectors come from all across Europe to buy. Private viewings can be set up before the art goes on general sale.

Art in Mallorca Summerty

You could easily spend a whole morning or afternoon looking around the bigger galleries in Palma. Museu de Mallorca and Es Baluard are the largest. Most of the galleries mentioned here are best done as part of a gallery ‘tour’. Refer to google maps above to find your best way to negotiate your route. HAPPY ART VIEWING!

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